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money well spent

DSTO , i was told to look them up and was very pleaded indeed ,very good at teaching and some real facts put in along with the schooling. i called 3 others but it didnt take long to realise they were crackers , money well spent .Tony Heasman


I also have Dyslexia

Hello, my name is Joshua Edney and I recently attended the door supervisors course in Reading with Anthony Robson. Firstly, my attention span is very bad throughout ANY theory work and training, but Anthiny kept my attention completely throughout the course and helped me learn a lot. I also have Dyslexia which really aggravates me […]


As an experienced Security Officer

As an experienced Security Officer, I decided to expand my skills vie Door Supervisor Training Course. D.S.T.O offered a course in the area. The faciliites were very good with plenty of space when we needed it (physical intervention), and a quite environment for the training and exams. The Trainer was excellent with real world experience, […]


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