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SIA – Launches New Initiative

You will have hopefully noticed that the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) launched a new initiative on Monday: Action Counters Terrorism – Make Nothing Happen Campaign urging the public to act on their instincts and report suspicious activity. The campaign has four intentions:


  1. More actionable intelligence and leads from the public;
  2. More referrals for safeguarding vulnerable people;
  3. More online extremist content removed;
  4. More awareness of how communities defeat terrorism.


It is very transferrable to the security industry which deploys tens of thousands of of pairs of ears and eyes each day.Visit the /">Action Counters Terrorism website to find out how you can support this initiative.


Many of you will already have attended /">Project Griffin or Argos training but if you have not, or want to consider becoming a deliverer of the training, more information is available online.


The security industry has a significant role to play in making people and places safer from terrorism. We urge you to engage with the both the Action Counters Terrorism campaign and Project Griffin or Argos initiatives.

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