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What is Organisational Development?

“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of a leader.” – John Maxwell
Every business entity needs to move forward dynamically towards a better change and development in order to survive in the market and reap rich results constantly.
A change for better and development is needed in respect of people’s performance and improvement in their attitudes as well as the technological aspects.
It is therefore a constant approach leading towards desired results and the impressive achievements in terms of profitability and survival is the very essence of a business which must be put in to practice and be adhered to. This gives rise to undertake a practical approach that could benefit a business in a manner it is needed, organisational development is the approach.
Organisational development is a practical approach towards the change and development of employees, whilst it stands to provide long-terms benefits and continuous improvement to an business in terms of work effectiveness and efficiency.
It is important to note that this approach is not confined to undertake temporary problems of a business it is a way to bring about beneficial change and development in terms of the performance of the employees, leads to the total organizational development in the long run. It is through this method the employees become more competent and begin to develop their skills and performance.
Organisational development is action oriented. It not only deals with the current situation of a business but it also analyses the future requirements. It’s a long term strategy that is designed to bring a total change and development in a business entity. The OD is focused at a continuous cycle of improvement in such a manner that it builds strategies and implement them in order to achieve the desired results while it leads to evaluate and monitor the performance constantly.
Thus, the purpose of this approach is to facilitate a systematic change and development in a business organization. It aims at developing the employees in a way that they could be competent in respect of their job activities, attitudes, values and beliefs and capable enough in terms of knowledge and technological developments. It’s through this approach that the customer focus on delivery of services will be enhanced which will generate improved results for all.

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