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The Role of the SIA in Protecting Vulnerable People

Jeremy Oppenheim: The Role of the SIA in Protecting Vulnerable People
The Director of Safeguarding at the Home Office, Jeremy Oppenheim, spoke about the way that the Home Office’s priority to protect vulnerable people relates to the SIA.

He explained that security staff are ideally placed to see what looks usual and what is not, as there are large numbers of private security officers who are eyes and ears on the front line.

For example, security staff working on the doors of pubs and clubs, in hotels, hospitals or capturing CCTV images interact with the general public and can spot vulnerability indicators.

Jeremy Oppenheim highlighted that this means security operatives are well placed to identify a terrorist attack and to offer support during and after an incident. Finally, he recognised that the SIA does more than licensing security personnel, but is also responsible for raising standards within the industry. It does this in conjunction with the industry – particularly members of the SIA’s Approved Contractor Scheme – and with government, other public bodies, and with charities.

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